Metal Roofing Done the Right way.

Owned and operated by Paul D. Furr, PDF Roofing has built a reputation for quality and dependability. We provide excellent repair and re-roofing services at fair and competitive prices. We are fully licensed and insured, with 35 years of experience in metal roofing. 
A typical practice in the roofing industry is to sub the installation of a roof to non-employee crews that get paid by the square foot. The faster the install the more money they can make. Here at PDF we DO NOT sub-contact our labor out. Our roofs are installed by experienced craftsmen that are our employees. This allows us to monitor the quality of workmanship and insure that every worker is properly insured. 
While we do provide repairs to all types of roofs, our team specializes in custom metal roofing. We excel in our ability to install metal flashings. These are the critical areas that fasten the roof together. We have our own sheet metal shop, where we are able to fabricate flashings to current or custom specifications. 

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  1. ericksen says:

    Thank you for sharing such valuable information.


    1. pdfsrq says:

      Thanks! Hope all is well over in Texas.


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